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Latest Post: July 19th, 2014 - Moved!!! :)

Hi everyone!!!  Just wanted to say a major THANK YOU to all of you who have had some extra patience with me this week while I moved residences.  This past week (from about July 14th through today, July 19th), I moved to a new home here in Northern Virginia.  I've been wanting to move for a few months, and decided it was best to do it now and have a fresh start in a new place, so I took the plunge.  It was a VERY smooth moving experience (I've moved a total of 4 times in the last 10 years of my life, and this one was by far the easiest).  Only minor problems, and I was able to resolve them.  What made it difficult was working full time in the office during the move.  I have a very demanding career, which doesn't allow for much time off.  But I managed.  Thank you all for your support.

Speaking of the dear friend Kobe Lee is flying up in a few days to help me design my new home.  She had a hand in helping with the previous one two years ago, and I'm glad she can be here for this one.  She's a true friend, and certainly my best friend in the fetish business.  A better person I couldn't find.  We'll also be shooting for a big shoot, which is going to be great, as I have a TON of customs to film.  Seriously, I think I might break my record for most amount of customs for a single model to be filmed in a single day.  I'll know the total by this Monday...I think it might be nearly 7 customs!!  So excited, I'm glad to be able to work so closely, and so often, with my friend.

New clips coming all week to keep this July rocking and rolling.  You (fans of my movies) are the best, and I want to continue to keep you entertained as long as I can.  I hope you're enjoying the movies, and never hesitate to email me.  I love talking with you all, and no matter how stressed I am at work in the office and my ridiculously long days, I always enjoy making time for you. 

Latest Movie Release: July 21st, 2014

Below are the latest releases from the current week that have been uploaded in my stores.  Visit my "Movies" page to see my complete archive of releases, with accurate descriptions and photo sets!  The stores are updated with at least 3 new clips each and every week, and have been for nearly 5 years going.

Custom Availabilities

Below are the current model availabilities for paid custom movie requests.  Email me and we'll talk about what you want.  Some quick info: I accept a wide range of custom work (take a look around my site to see examples of what I do). FYI - I do NOT accept anything that you wouldn't find on C4S (i.e. anything that's against their rules decency-wise, is against mine, so please don't ask about such things, I'll never film them). Prices start as low as $100-$150, and go all the way up, depending upon what you want.  I only charge what the model charges me per hour to film, and never anything more (no hidden or other fees).  I also accept a wide range of payment options.