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Latest Post: July 26th, 2014 - Shot w/ Kobe Lee

Well, I'm completely moved into my new place, and up and running again.  It was a very busy month (July) to say the least.  So much going on here, but thankfully it all turned out very well.

Just wrapped my shoot with Kobe Lee the other day and it was great as always.  We spread it out over 2 days and filmed a bunch of fan customs for some of my great requestors.  Today (Saturday) I'm working on them all and hope to have them delivered tonight.  That's my new policy when it comes to repeat custom clients...getting your customs to you within 48 hours of filming, no matter what's going on in my life.  I feel that you continue to put your faith in me to film these for you, its the least I can do to get them to you as fast as I can.  No one wants to wait weeks for something they paid for. :)

August will be a great month around here at Heroine Universe.  Not only am I flying in Hollywood and Fayth for a big 2-day shoot, but look for a TON of movies to be released in the store.  Things are rocking and rolling!

CUSTOMS FOR HOLLYWOOD/FAYTH SHOOT - please remember to get them in early and don't wait.  Space is

Latest Movie Release: July 30th, 2014

Below are the latest releases from the current week that have been uploaded in my stores.  Visit my "Movies" page to see my complete archive of releases, with accurate descriptions and photo sets!  The stores are updated with at least 3 new clips each and every week, and have been for nearly 5 years going.

Custom Availabilities

Below are the current model availabilities for paid custom movie requests.  Email me and we'll talk about what you want.  Some quick info: I accept a wide range of custom work (take a look around my site to see examples of what I do). FYI - I do NOT accept anything that you wouldn't find on C4S (i.e. anything that's against their rules decency-wise, is against mine, so please don't ask about such things, I'll never film them). Prices start as low as $100-$150, and go all the way up, depending upon what you want.  I only charge what the model charges me per hour to film, and never anything more (no hidden or other fees).  I also accept a wide range of payment options.