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* Updated December 21, 2014 *

Here are the latest clip releases in my Clips4Sale store!  I release several brand new clips each and every week - the clips below are from the current week.  To see everything, simply click HERE.


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Want to know what I'm doing on a daily basis?  Who I'm flying in, who I'm shooting with currently, what my latest clip releases are, and maybe a sprinkling of my (generally!) boring life! Follow my tweets to find out!

* Posted December 15, 2014 *

Just wrapped a wonderful shoot trip with Kendra James!  I flew her in for a shoot day, and we filmed a bunch of custom projects, including a new "Taken" series (debuting less than 24 hours after filming!), and several damsel and foot movies.  What a great way to close out 2014 with my last shoot (until first week of January 2015 when I fly Hollywood in for a big custom 2 day trip!).  Below are some screen grabs from my Kendra shoot (just the vanilla ones...not the naughty stuff). :)


I'm officially off for the upcoming Christmas week (December 19th-28th).  But don't let that stop you from visiting the site and store, as well as emailing me.  I always make time in my day for your emails and requests.  I've also went ahead and auto-scheduled several brand new releases to upload into the store during this time.

Just booked - Hollywood! Customs limited - don't hesitate! Email Me!  Customs page has been updated with my January 2015 shoots - spaces are limited for Hollywood and Kobe so don't wait too long.

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