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The latest clip releases from the current week - scroll through the list to see them all!


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Effective June 8th, 2017 - I'm now PODCASTING! And doing it the RIGHT WAY, making it a videocast where you can get a nice visual rather than audio-only, or even worse, in a cramped, awful indoor space. Inspired by PODCASTERS I've listened to for many, many years (radio shows), I figured it was time to try this. It's a pet-project, so will include other types of videos as well. Mostly for entertainment and informative purposes, and just to have fun w/ the girls and give you a glimpse behind the cameras.

Here's some fun extra's I've filmed that are exclusive to my twitter! Join my twitter today and see even more fun stuff that doesn't make it here! NOTE: like my clips for sale in my store, these clips are copyrighted material and may NOT be distributed or re-posted, for profit or not. They're simply something fun I want to start doing for fans of my work.



Savannah Costello/Nyssa Nevers/Tilly McReese (August 30th, 2017)

Christina Carter/Nyssa Nevers/Tilly McReese (September 5-6th, 2017)

Tomiko (and another girl TBD) (November 3rd, 2017)

Tilly McReese  - Local, available for solo projects at any time (or w/ Nyssa on notice)

Nyssa Nevers - Local, available for solo projects at any time (or w/ Tilly on notice) 

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