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UPDATE: Now available (in addition to the parts below, which are still individually available in the store) in a SPECIAL "DAMSEL EDITION!" The full series clocks in at around 1 hour 20 mins - for the "Damsel Edition," I've edited out the foot worship and a small bit of the play, and focused mostly on the "damsel" themes: SLEEPY/KO's, LIMP PLAY, the INITIAL CAPTURE, and CLOTHING REMOVAL.  If you've wanted all the "good" parts but are not a foot worship or body worship fan, then this is the version to get.  HEAVILY DISCOUNTED, as always - just for you guys who show me so much support for the little studio that I am. 

As always, the entire series is available in my Clips4Sale

"Agent In Distress" Part 8 Conclusion

Continued from the last episode.  Here is the HOT conclusion episode to this sex slavery/damsel-in-distress story featuring Tomiko as FBI Agent Tomiko and Fayth as the lesbian sex slaver!  Picking up where we last left, Agent Tomiko is completely out on the bed, wearing a special mask keeping her out.  Fayth lays her down on the bed, and TIES HER HANDS BEHIND HER BACK and HER FEET TOGETHER.  Fayth removes the mask, waking Tomiko up.  She taunts and teases her, as the confused and angered FBI Agent demands to be let go.  We soon hear a knock at the front door...Agent Tomiko assumes it's her partner come looking for her now that's she's been missing all day.  Tomiko begins to yell out, but Fayth TAPE GAGS HER.  Now bound and gagged, Fayth leaves Tomiko to struggle while she goes to answer the door.  At the front door (POV STYLE), we see Tomiko's FBI male partner.  Fayth invites him in.  He's looking for his partner Tomiko who hasn't been seen all day.  Fayth distracts him, telling him she did see her earlier but she left.  All the while, we hear Agent Tomiko in the background screaming under her gag trying to get his attention.  The perspective flips back and forth between Fayth talking w/ the agent, and Tomiko struggling (she hears them talking and screams louder).  Eventually the agent makes notice of the noise, even walking toward it a few steps, but Fayth distracts him, saying it's the TV on in the other room.  As he leaves, Tomiko's hopes are dashed and her fate is sealed!  Fayth returns to the bedroom, on the phone with a buyer.  It looks like Tomiko will be SOLD OFF AS A SEX SLAVE.  Fayth tells Tomiko that she would love to keep her, but the FBI Agent's worth far too much money.  Seeing Fayth coming at her with the chloro rag, Tomiko has one last attempt at freedom as she struggles with Fayth, trying desperately to get away, but she's knocked out by Fayth.  Left on the bed, bound and gagged, it looks like this sexy Asian FBI Agent will be sold off.

"Agent in Distress" Part 7

Continued from the last episode.  Picking up where we last left, sexy FBI Agent Tomiko continues to be well on her way to becoming an unwilling sex slave!  Stripped down to just her sheer black pantyhose, humiliated, with a special clear oxygen mask on her keeping her helpless, her evil lesbian captor Fayth continues to have her way with Tomiko.  Playing a cruel game against the gorgeous agent, Fayth has actually given Tomiko her service weapon to hold while she worships and plays with Tomiko's body.  If Tomiko can arrest her, she'll obviously give up.  But the mask has been keeping Tomiko weak, as she can barely hold the weapon.  Fayth teases her, holding her hands up in a mock under-arrest pose.  Tomiko tries, but she's unable to effect any type of action against Fayth, who continues to have fun with her in a domination type fashion.  After several minutes of play, Fayth has something else in mind.  We see Fayth spray something into a hospital/nurse mask.  She removed Tomiko's clear mask moments earlier, and with Tomiko trying desperately to regain composure, Fayth puts this new mask on Tomiko at the last moment.  Tomiko struggles but is soon completely out, and is out for the rest of the scene, as Fayth MANIPULATES Tomiko's body, playing with her captive.  She cradles her in her arms on the bed, with close ups of Tomiko's helpless masked face.  The series is coming to a conclusion soon...will FBI Agent Tomiko escape?

"Agent in Distress" Part 6

Continued from the last episode.  Gorgeous FBI Agent Tomiko remains the helpless prisoner of evil lesbian sex slaver Fayth in this latest episode featuring mask play, worship and more!  The scene opens with agent Tomiko laid out on the bed, in just her sheer black pantyhose, completely out.  Fayth uses Tomiko's hands to fondle her own body while she remains out, and then performs some HOT FOOT WORSHIP on Tomiko.  During the foot worship, Tomiko begins to stir, so Fayth straddles her, and puts a special clear mask on her.  Pumping Tomiko full of sleepy gas, Tomiko is kept completely helpless, in a state between being completely out and just barely being able to speak.  Fayth now spends time FONDLING her body, while Tomiko tries to speak but has trouble saying anything in her state of being.  Eventually, Fayth removes the mask, giving Tomiko a little more freedom as she stirs some more.  Tomiko notices her service weapon on the nightstand nearby, as she reaches for it.  She's able to get it, but Fayth quickly puts the mask back on her, as Tomiko once again goes into that helpless state of being.  Fayth now spends time TEASING Tomiko with her own service weapon, as she even plays a game with her, putting the weapon in Tomiko's hands, who is too out of it to even hold it.  Fayth does a mock "under arrest" with Tomiko, telling her that Tomiko can arrest her if she's able, but with the mask keeping her helpless, agent Tomiko is unable to do much.  Continues with more episodes!

"Agent in Distress" Part 5

Continued from the last episode.  Sexy FBI Agent Tomiko (in just sheer black pantyhose) remains the helpless playtoy of the evil sex slaver Fayth (in blue lingerie).  Agent Tomiko is completely out as we open the scene in the bedroom, with Fayth finishing uncuffing the handcuffs from Tomiko.  Fayth spends her time WORSHIPING Tomiko's nylon feet, before moving her over face down on the bed.  She RAGDOLLS Tomiko, manipulating her body and limbs, before more worship.  Tomiko begins to wake, as Fayth straddles her from above, forcing the chloroform rag on her.  Tomiko struggles with her, but is knocked out.  With Tomiko out again, Fayth continues to RAGDOLL Tomiko, moving her around the bedroom, as well as worshiping her body and feet.  Eventually after being ragdollled and played with, Tomiko wakes a second time, only to have Fayth use the chloroform on her again, knocking her out.  Fayth continues to ragdoll and play with Agent Tomiko!  A fun ragdolling & chloroform KO scene within this movie series.

"Agent In Distress" Part 4

Continued from the last episode.  Sexy FBI Agent Tomiko, who we saw in the first episode was searching door to door, investigating a sex slavery operation, unknowningly let herself be captured by the very woman she was after...Fayth!  The tough authority figure who was investigating sex slavery was now on her way to becoming the next sex slave herself.  The action continues here, with Agent Tomiko out on the bed, as Fayth continues to have her fun.  Fayth mentions about having to take care of some slavery business, so she'll have to leave her new playtoy alone.  But she doesn't want her escaping, so she moves and positions Tomiko's helpless body on the bed, so that she's near the foot post.  Using Tomiko's own handcuffs, Fayth HANDCUFFS one of Tomiko's wrists to the foot post (while she's out).  She gives Tomiko's ass a little worship, before leaving the helpless FBI Agent, handcuffed and helpless.  We fade to later, as Tomiko begins to wake.  Being the clever FBI agent that she is, she begins to try and find a way out of her handcuffs.  She see's her weapon nearby, and tries to reach it with her foot, but it's too far.  She see's her clothes nearby, thinking the key's inside, but no luck there.  She even uses her shirt to try and grab her weapon, but again no luck.  After trying for a couple minutes with no luck, sex slaver Fayth returns.  Tomiko lays down the law, getting verbally tough with Fayth, but all the tough talk is turning on lesbian sex slaver Fayth, who wants nothing more than to have her way with this sexy authority figure.  She struggles with Tomiko, who tries to fight her off, but Fayth is too powerful and in control, as she gets in a straddle position on Tomiko, pinning her down.  She uses her chloro rag to knock Tomiko out.  In the end, we see Fayth produce the key (which she had hidden), as she uncuffs Tomiko's helpless body.  Much more to come in this series!

"Agent in Distress" Part 3

Continued from the last episode.  FBI Agent Tomiko remains the helpless prisoner of the evil and psychotic Fayth!  In her blue see-through babydoll and suntan pantyhose, Fayth continues to torment and abuse the sexy authority figure.  Wearing just her pants and black pantyhose, Tomiko is cradled in Fayth's arms, as she remains out.  Fayth moves her into a doggy-style sitting position, as she fondles and plays with the agent.  Tomiko begins to wake, forcing Fayth to use the chloro rag on her, putting her back out after a struggle.  Laid out on her stomach, Agent Tomiko is helpless to stop Fayth from worshiping her sexy pantyhose feet.  Fayth plays with her, until she wakes, causing Fayth to use the chloro rag on her once again, putting her out.  Fayth pulls Tomiko's pants down, before rolling her over onto her stomach again for more body and foot worship.  Tomiko wakes again, with Fayth using the chloro on her once more, putting her back out.

"Agent In Distress" Part 2

Continued from the last episode.  In the previous episode, we saw FBI Agent Tomiko (in a pants suit w/ sheer black pantyhose) question Fayth about missing women in the area.  Not suspecting Fayth was involved, Tomiko ended up getting captured.  We pick up here, as we see Fayth OTS carry Tomiko into the bedroom and dump her sleeping body on the bed.  Fayth wastes no time with her latest victim...possibly the greatest one of them all for her, FBI Agent Tomiko!  She's going to do something really special as she turns this sexy authority figure into a sex slave to be sold off.  Fayth rolls, drags, and moves Tomiko's helpless body around the bed, as she RAGDOLLS and plays with her.  Fayth REMOVES Tomiko's jacket, while playing with her LIMP body.  Tomiko begins to wake and is put back out.  Some HOT limp play with the helpless Tomiko again, until she begins to wake once more, forcing Fayth to put her out.  She's dragged on the bed, as Fayth gives her sexy nylon feet some HOT FOOT WORSHIP!  Fayth wants to see more of Tomiko's body, so she begins to remove her shirt.  Tomiko wakes and is forced back out.  Fayth finishes up by REMOVING Tomiko's shirt.  A HOT episode, definite must for sleepy/limp fans.

"Agent In Distress" Part 1

A brand new series debut featuring Tomiko & Fayth!  Tomiko (in professional pants suit, sheer black pantyhose and heels) is FBI Agent Tomiko.  She's in a quiet neighborhood, going door to door, both searching for, and getting the word out about a rash of kidnappings and missing women in the area.  We see Tomiko outside, knocking on a door.  The home owner Fayth answers (wearing a sheer blue mini dress).  Tomiko shows her badge, and asks to speak with Fayth.  Inviting Agent Tomiko in, Fayth has her sit in the living room.  Tomiko tells Fayth about her investigation, asking her questions.  Fayth acts stunned to hear about the missing women...little does Agent Tomiko suspect the truth!  Fayth offers Agent Tomiko a drink...first booze which Tomiko refuses as she's on duty, then water, which she accepts.  Fayth excuses herself, as we see her in the kitchen.  She gets out a bottle of water, and then carefully uses a hypo needle to inject it with some sleep medicine.  Returning, both ladies continue their conversation, with Tomiko drinking several times.  Fading to later, Agent Tomiko is satisfied that Fayth doesn't know anything, so she gets up to leave, but begins to feel tired.  Slowly at first, she gets more and more drowsy as time progresses, as Fayth fakes comforting her, having Agent Tomiko sit down on the couch.  She "makes" her more comfortable, REMOVING Tomiko's shoes.  She OPENS Tomiko's jacket, sitting with her on the chair.  Tomiko passes out, but wakes back up.  She tries to resist, but is weakened, as Fayth reveals her true self to Agent Tomiko.  Fayth pulls out the chloro rag, and smothers Tomiko with it, knocking her out.  With her latest victim completely helpless and asleep, Fayth picks Tomiko up and OTS CARRIES her out of the room to a fate unknown.  Continued in the next episode!