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Detective Christina Carter is after the evil lesbian Fayth, who aims to capture and enslave the sexy cop! After arresting her and dragging her off to jail, Christina is relaxing at home when Fayth suddenly strikes! Knocking her out, Fayth has the sexy detective under her control, and a major story-line unfolds that sees Fayth having her lesbian way with Christina, including tickling, spanking, many, many forced orgasms, heavy nylon foot worship, lesbian play, and much more! Christina escapes at one point, but her being in control is short lived, as Fayth regains control and more lesbian erotic behavior ensues! Can the sexy cop escape this crazy lesbian, or is she doomed to become a sex slave!?!

As always, the entire series is available in my Clips4Sale as well as my Eclipstore!

NOTE: After discovering several early episodes in this series (mostly parts 1-6) had been taken down from my store, or were not available (or not available in HD), I'm going back and re-releasing these parts.  So if you're seeing older episodes pop up in the store, that's the reason - I want everything of mine available complete, and in HD.  So rest assured - ALL parts will soon be available, uncut and complete, with photo sets below!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 16 - Conclusion

Continued from the last part. Here it is folks - the final conclusion episode from this long-running series. Detective Christina Carter has finally been turned crazy by evil lesbian Fayth, who has achieved her goal. The scene opens with Detective Carter in a hogtie on her back, wearing sheer black pantyhose and white panties underneath. Fayth (wearing sheer black pantyhose & panties) is there, SUCKING & LICKING CHRISTINA'S NYLON FEET, while VIBE TEASING HER. Christina has finally gone off the deep end, and is in a crazy state of being, as she begs Fayth to suck her toes and vibe her (really HOT from Christina!). Although this has been Fayth's plan, she's weirded out by the behavior, and hand smothers Christina. Fayth gets on the phone, worried that she's turned Christina into a crazy lesbian slave, as she calls for some help. We fade to sometime later, with Christina now wearing sheer suntan pantyhose (w/ white panties underneath), tied down on a massage table in a room. She's struggling and talking to herself in a crazy way. In walks Fayth (wearing a dress w/ sheer black pantyhose). Apparently Christina has been declared crazy, and has been placed in a treatment facility! The worst part, is that Fayth has conned her way into making the staff think she's a therapist, and will be visiting Christina daily to "play" with her. Christina freaks out, as Fayth pulls out a hidden hitachi she had down her dress, as she begins a sexy session of playing with Christina's body. Fayth worships Christina's nylon feet, as well as vibe teases her. Fayth eventually STRADDLES CHRISTINA ON THE TABLE, and VIBE TEASES HER TO A FORCED ORGASM (Fayth pulls away during climax, denying Christina some pleasure). As Christina continues to act crazy, Fayth enjoys her body as the scene ends.

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 15

Continued from the last episode. Only 1 episode left after this where it all concludes! Det. Christina Carter (wearing sheer black pantyhose w/ white panties underneath) is tied in a hogtie on the bed (with a slave collar around her neck), with the evil lesbian Fayth (weraing sheer black pantyhose w/ panties underneath), her captor, continuing to tease and torment her body. Christina has been broken down with all this abuse, as Fayth continues to suck and worship Det. Carter's nylon feet, while fondling her body & pussy. Eventually, Fayth takes out the hitachi vibrator, and using it, begins teasing Det. Carter. After a few minutes of teasing, we see Det. Christina Carter have a breakdown, where she begins desiring the hitachi, wanting to orgasm, demanding Fayth suck her toes while being pleasured! Fun little scene, with the final scene coming next! Can Christina escape!?!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 14

Continued from the last episode.  There is NO escape for the sexy Detective Christina Carter, as she remains the sexual love slave prisoner of the evil and demented lesbian Fayth!  Fayth (wearing sheer black pantyhose & thong underneath) as the sexy cop (Christina Carter, wearing sheer black pantyhose & a white thong underneath) TIED SPREAD EAGLE FACE UP ON THE BED, as Fayth liees next to her.  Detective Carter is wearing a leather slave collar, and is CLEAVE GAGGED.  All Fayth wants to do is play with this sexy cop's pussy, so that's exactly what she does!  Lying next to the bound Detective Carter, Fayth HEAVILY RUBS, FONDLES and MASSAGES CHRISTINA'S PUSSY, as she verbally taunts and teases her.  Detective Carter can only moan and protest under her gag, as she's continually teased by Fayth.  Fayth eventually pulls out the hitachi vibrator, and using it, VIBES CHRISTINA'S PUSSY, getting her hot before pulling it away and teasing herself with the hitachi, while at the same time TEASING CHRISTINA'S PUSSY WITH A POCKET ROCKET!  Fayth then puts the pocket rocket down her pantyhose, and instead, begins using the hitachi once more on Detective Carter, getting her hot & horny.  Fayth doesn't let up with the hitachi this time, FORCING DETECTIVE CARTER TO A HOT ORGASM AGAINST HER WILL!  This seems to be the straw that broke her, as Detective Carter has been defeated by Fayth, as the scene fades with Fayth worshiping the exhausted and defeated cop (still bound spread eagle).  The next scene opens with Fayth dragging in by her slave collar a much more compliant Detective Carter (wearing sheer black pantyhose and a towel around her body, which is immediately taken off).  Detective Carter is ordered onto the bed on her stomach, as Fayth goes about TYING HER ON-SCREEN INTO A STRICT HOGTIE!  Fayth verbally taunts and teases Detective Carter, who seems much more subdued now that she realizes she can't escape.  Fayth stops along the way to FONDLE CHRISTINA'S BODY and WORSHIP/LICK/SUCK HER NYLON FEET before finishing the hogtie.  Once Detective Carter is hogtied, Fayth resumes worshiping her bound nylon feet.  A SUPER HOT scene that is a must have for lesbian domination fans!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 13

Gorgeous Detective Christina Carter (wearing sheer black pantyhose w/ white thong panties underneath) has all but had her hope of escape shattered by evil lesbian Fayth (wearing sheer black pantyhose w/ panties). Detective Carter is tied spread eagle on the bed, cleave gagged, and helpless to stop Fayth from exploring every inch of the sexy cop's gorgeous pantyhose feet! With a POCKET ROCKET vibrator shoved underneath her pantyhose, Detective Carter struggles in her bonds as Fayth worships her nylon feet. Turning the pocket rocket off, Fayth grabs the HITACHI, and using the large vibrator, TEASES DETECTIVE CARTER'S PUSSY! Fayth doesn't let her cum just yet, as she instead USES THE HITACHI ON HERSELF AS SHE HEAVILY SUCKS & LICKS DET. CARTER'S NYLON FEET! Fayth pleasures herself with the hitachi while heavily worshiping Detective Carter's nylon feet, before she once again teases Det. Carter's pussy with the hitachi. Fayth just LOVES heavily teasing this sexy cop, as she uses the pocket rocket as well, teasing Det. Carter's pussy while at the same time heavily worshiping her helpless nylon feet. As Fayth straddles Detective Carter's body, she uses the hitachi in just the right place to TEASE BOTH OF THEM AT THE SAME TIME! Detective Carter is heavily teased & denied, kept frustrated and not allowed to orgasm, all-the-while Fayth continues to worship her nylon feet. Eventually Fayth straddles Detective Carter again, this time using the hitachi vibrator to HEAVILY TEASE HER PUSSY, giving her what she desperately wants! Not wanting to be forced to cum, but also not being able to help herself, Detective Carter is FORCED TO AN AMAZING SCREAMING ORGASM by Fayth! But Fayth isn't done, as she keeps the vibrator in place, continuing to tease both herself and Detective Carter's now sensitive pussy! Fayth HEAVILY TEASES the sexy cop, ALMOST BRINGING HER TO CUM A SECOND TIME, but denying her an orgasm! The frustrated and defeated detective is then foot worshiped, helpless to stop her torment. Just an amazing scene, and one definitely NOT to miss if you're at all a fan of Christina Carter or Fayth, or forced orgasms, heavy nylon foot worship, and vibrator tease/denial. Really HOT scene!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 6

Newly Re-Released & Available!  Continued from the last episode.  Crazy lesbian Fayth (in a sheer black one-piece, w/ suntan pantyhose) continues to keep the sexy cop Detective Carter (Christina Carter, in suntan pantyhose and panties) as her sex slave, enjoying herself by playing with Christina's body.  We see Det. Carter face down on the bed, tied spread eagle.  Fayth doesn't give her a chance to talk her way out of the situation, as she uses a special spray on the sexy cop, putting her out.  With Det. Carter asleep, Fayth unties all the ropes restraining her.  Fayth proceeds to give Det. Carter's helpless nylon feet the attention they deserve, as she licks and worships them, while Det. Carter remains asleep.  Fayth cuddles up behind Det. Carter, who begins to wake up.  Fayth wants her helpless, so she HOM smothers Det. Carter, who struggles with her, but is soon back out.  Now Fayth can go back to FONDLING Det. Carter's body, grabbing her breasts, rubbing her own pantyhose legs all over Det. Carter's, and more, before making her way back down to Det. Carter's feet.  Fayth licks and worships again, as she just loves a pair of helpless pantyhose feet.  After a while of worship, Det. Carter begins to wake again, so this time Fayth straddles her, and wraps her arms around her, HOM smothering Det. Carter until she's out once again.  She plays with the Det. Carter's helpless body, before making her way again down to her nylon feet, giving them some proper worshiping.  The scene comes to a close with Fayth rubbing her feet all over Det. Carter's body.  A really HOT scene for the sleepy fans!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 5

Continued from the last part. Detective Carter (Christina Carter, wearing panties & sheer tan pantyhose) is now tied FACE DOWN SPREAD EAGLE, as evil crazy lesbian Fayth binds her ankles and wrists into the straps as Christina lies asleep on the bed (bondage done on screen by Fayth). After securing Christina, Fayth wakes up her, as she goes to work having her way with Chirstina's super sexy nylon feet. With Christina face down, Fayth can concentrate on Christina's NYLON SOLES, and she LICKS, SUCKS, KISSES, and WORSHIPS them. Christina remains helplessly tied, and is exhausted from her earlier ordeal to put up much of a struggle, as sexy lesbian Fayth continues to have her way. In addition to the heavy nylon foot worship, Fayth also TICKLES Christina's nylon soles, adding additional torment to the helpless Detective. A scene geared toward those who enjoy heavy nylon foot worship.

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 4

Continued from the last episode. Detective Carter (Christina Carter, wearing panties & sheer tan pantyhose) has been captured & tied down to the bed by evil, sadistic lesbian Fayth during the last several episodes. We open to find Detective Carter tied full spread eagle (face up) on the bed, with sexy lesbian Fayth tormenting her and teasing her with both a pocket rocket vibrator and the hitachi vibrator! Fayth continues to get this gorgeous detective hot and horny with the vibes, but refuses to let her orgasm, as she pulls it away, teasing Christina (Fayth taunts Christina by pulling away and using the vibe on herself several times)! Fayth slips the pocket rocket underneath Christina's pantyhose, turning it on and off, getting her hot but again, not letting her orgasm. In between teasing her, Fayth licks Christina's breasts and verbally taunts her. About halfway through, Fayth uses a special spray bottle she had concealed in her underwear and puts Christina out. Christina wakes up tied spread eagle (from a spank by Fayth), but this time face down, as Fayth works her over with the hitachi vibrator now. Fayth gets Christina hot, but as always, doesn't allow her to orgasm. It seems the sexy detective really wants to orgasm, but Fayth won't let her. Fayth finally at the end, FORCES CHRISTINA TO ORGASM. Detective Carter is Fayth's vibrator plaything here, as Fayth teases her the whole time! Continued in the next episode!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 3

Continued from the last epsiode. Det. Christina Carter remains on the bed, her arms tied spread, the prisoner of the evil lesbian Fayth, who continues to tease and play with her body. Fayth wants to see Christina's breasts, so she unties her wrists and removes Christina's top and bra. Laying back with her, she re-ties Christina. Fayth enjoys worshiping and fondling Christina's breasts, as she has fun with her. Christina is able to get a hand free and briefly tries to escape, but Fayth see's it and is able to re-tie her back. Some vibrator teasing, and more worship are in store for the sexy cop!

"A Bad Day For Detective Carter" Part 2

Continued from the last episode. The next RE-RELEASE in this series. Detective Carter (Chrisitna Carter, wearing bra, panties, skirt - which is removed on-screen, and sheer suntan pantyhose), having been captured by the crazy lesbian chick Fayth in the previous episode, remains as her prisoner. Detective Carter is tied up on the bed spread eagle, in her bra & panties and sheer tan pantyhose, with her skirt still on. She struggles with Fayth, as Fayth REMOVES her skirt, before tying her feet down. Fayth continues to torment the sexy cop and her gorgeous body, tickling her, teasing her with a pocket rocket (and hitachi vibrator), as well as sucking and licking her nylon feet (heavy worship). Early on Christina tries to escape, but Fayth is able to keep her tied. A fun episode in this series!

"Bad Day for Detective Carter" Part 1

 Hey guys - here is the RE-RELEASE of one of my early long-running movies series (that just concluded last year with the final episode).  Since the early parts were not released in HD (or MOV), like my other re-releases, it's being updated for current standards, as well as multiple formats.  Christina Carter (in a suit/skirt w/ sheer suntan pantyhose and heels) is Detective Carter.  She's out to arrest the evil lesbian Fayth (blouse/skirt/sheer tan hose) for various sex and fetish crimes.  We see Christina confront Fayth in her home.  She puts the handcuffs on Fayth and drags her away.  Later, we see Christina back at the crime scene.  She's on the phone, and gets the surprise of her life, as Fayth ambushes her and uses a special cloth to put her out!  With Christina asleep, Fayth moves her around, and ties her spread eagle on the bed.  Waking the sexy cop up, Fayth tells her plans for keep her as her nylon foot love slave.  Fayth removes Detective Carter's high heels, and begins to kiss, lick, and worship her sexy helpless nylon feet, while Christina struggles.  Christina is able to partially free herself a couple times, only to be put back into bondage by Fayth.  Fayth opens Christina's jacket, exposing her bra, as she continues to play with her feet.