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June 7 - 2015 UPDATE - Due to fan request, I'm releasing 2 versions of this COMPLETE MOVIE: 1) focuses on Diana in control and 2) focuses on Christina in control.  I've taken all the footage (over 2+ hours worth) and broken it up into these two camps.  So if you're a fan of seeing one lady in particular be the victim, now you can.  Since these are older, for a reduced price of course.

Direct Link (FULL VERSION):

Christina Carter is my main girl, and she knows it. She's also one of the best Dom's in the business, and just LOVES to have her way with my girls. Diana Knight is one of her best friends, but is also an accomplished Dom, possibly one of the best as well. Christina invites Diana over for an entire weekend of domination in order to see who the best Dom is, and who is the little bitch! Diana is ready and willing to accept the challenge, as she ambushes Christina, and it's off to the races! AMAZING series of back-and-forth battling, as these two sexy sirens fight for control, using everything from spanking, to multiple forced orgasms, cropping, extreme tickle torture, forced foot worship, lesbian play, KO's and more!

As always, the entire series is available in my Clips4Sale

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 16

Continued from the last episode.  Here it is...the conclusion episode to this long-running series!  Christina Carter (in sheer black pantyhose) has Diana Knight (in suntan pantyhose) laid out on the bed, her hands bound behind her back with black electrical tape, as she continues to dominate and play with her.  Christina SPANKS Diana, fondles and rubs her pussy, and more.  She uses her crop on her as well.  Christina loves nylon feet, so in between the spanking, fondling and teasing, she gives Diana's feet some HOT foot worship love.  In the end, she makes Diana kiss her dominant superior feet, before HOM smothering her out.  It looks like Christina is the victorious dom!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 15

Continued from the last episode.  The final episode is coming next, but first, here we see Christina Carter (sheer black pantyhose) continuing to have her way with Diana Knight (sheer beige pantyhose), who remains face down on the bed, her hands taped behind her back, as Christina continues to SPANK, TICKLE, CROP, WORSHIP, and FONDLE her!  Christina spanks Diana's ass, as well as tickles her feet.  Diana is resistant as always, not giving in to Christina.  Christina is in total control in this scene.  At the end, we see Christina worshiping Diana's pantyhose-covered pussy!  A hot scene, with the conclusion coming next!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 14

Continued from the last episode.  Last we saw, Diana Knight (wearing sheer suntan pantyhose) was in full control of her rival Christina Carter (wearing sheer black pantyhose).  Diana had dominated Christina and made her her bitch.  We open to Christina on all fours, on the floor, with Diana propping up her feet (wearing high heels) on Christina's back, as she's CROPPING Christina's ass.  Christina is Diana's slave girl, as Diana orders Christina to get up on the bed with her.  Christina lays across Diana's lap, as Diana spanks Christina's ass.  Eventually, Christina is forced to give Diana a back rub.  We see Christina start to do this...but she's a tricky bitch!  When Diana is relaxed, Christina gets Diana into a choke from behind!  Diana begins to struggle with Christina, but continues to choke Diana until she's laid out on the bed, asleep.  Now Christina is going to have some fun with this bitch, as she moves Diana's body around the bed.  Christina REMOVES Diana's shoes, and puts them on her own feet, now claiming them.  Christina moves Diana onto her stomach, pulling her hands behind her back, as she grabs some black tape.  Christina begins taping Diana's hands behind her back, as we fade to Diana now laid out asleep, with her hands taped behind her back.  Christina wakes her up, and begins her revenge, spanking, cropping, tickling, and dominating Diana.  Christina's revenge is only beginning!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 13

Continued from the last episode. HOT NEW EPISODE!!! The domination battle continues between superstar fetish models Christina Carter (wearing just sheer black pantyhose) and Diana Knight (wearing just sheer suntan pantyhose). Picking up where we last left off, Diana has Christina laid out on the bed, on her stomach, with her hands tied behind her back, and her hips straddling Diana's, who is sitting behind her (see the photo set for details on this HOT position!). Diana continues to verbally humiliate Christina, who doesn't give in. Christina is exhausted at this point, already having been tormented heavily by Diana in previous episodes. But Diana is FAR from done with this sexy bitch...she's going to humiliate her as much as she wants! Diana starts with SPANKING, as she SPANKS CHRISTINA'S ASS with both hands, smacking her hard. Diana teases Christina's body, in the positions she's in, she TICKLES Christina's nylon foot, before more spanking. Diana uses her hand to fondle Christina's pussy. But Christina has more humiliation in mind for Christina...she wants to see her cum again! Diana grabs the hitachi, and begins VIBE TEASING CHRISTINA'S PUSSY. Diana SPANKS Christina at the same time as she's vibing her, giving Christina pleasure and pain. Eventually, Diana FORCES CHRISTINA TO A HOT FORCED ORGASM! Diana has humiliated Christina, but she's certainly not done yet...oh no! Just like she just made her cum, she's going to MAKE HER CUM AGAIN! That's right, Diana tells Christina what she's going to do, which Christina protests against, but it's no use...Diana begins vibe teasing her pussy again. After vibe teasing her for several minutes, Diana FORCES CHRISTINA TO ANOTHER EVEN HOTTER FORCED ORGASM! Christina is now completely Diana's bitch, as she's been forced to orgasm over and over, tickled, spanked and teased. We fade to later, as Diana is now triumphantly relaxing on the bed. In walks Christina, defeated, as she KNEELS AT DIANA'S FEET. Diana forces her to CRAWL and get her own shoes, which she then forces Christina to PUT ON HER FEET. Diana has Christina KISS HER SHOES, and then bend over on all fours as she's USED AS A STOOL FOR THE VICTORIOUS DIANA as the scene fades. But don't think it's over yet! More episodes are coming...can (and will) Christina get her revenge!?! I think the answer is obvious...wait and see what happens!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 12

Continued from the last episode.  Sexy dom Diana Knight (wearing just sheer tan/beige pantyhose) has ultra gorgeous Christina Carter (wearing just sheer black pantyhose) tied full spread eagle on the bed, TAPE GAGGED, as she continues to breast smother her.  Diana is clearly having a good time getting revenge against Christina, as she takes out her riding crop, teasing Christina's body with it, before cropping her pussy, as well as the bottoms of her nylon feet.  Christina, as always, tries to remain tough, mouthing off under her tape gag.  But Diana is in full control here, as she slithers her way up between Christina's spread-tied legs, TICKLING her (inner thighs & upperbody), knowing exactly how to get the super ticklish Christina to scream.  After tickling and teasing her, Diana removes the tape gag, because she wants this sexy bitch to suck on her nylon feet, showing her dominance.  Christina is forced to lick and suck Diana's feet, while Diana lays back.  Eventually, Diana straddles Christina, grabbing her face, as she bites/nibbles on Christina's ear.  Diana wants to tie Christina in a new type of bondage, so she begins choking Christina, weakening her.  Diana chokes Christina several times, until she's satisfied that she's weakened Christina enough where she can unstrap her and get her re-tied w/out a fight.  Christina is weak now, as Diana unties her, and sits her up on the bed, as she ties Christina's hands behind her back.  With her hands tied, Diana pushes Christina down on the bed on her stomach, and positions herself in between Christina's legs as the scene fades.

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 11

Continued from the last episode.  Ok fans - THIS is a MUST-HAVE scene in this long-running series that you're going to want to have.  The domination battle continues, with Diana Knight (wearing just sheer suntan pantyhose) in control of Christina Carter (wearing just sheer black pantyhose).  Christina has her hands bound spread eagle on the bed, and can't help but talk shit to Diana.  Christina loves acting cocky, but her attitude soon melts away when she sees what Diana has in store for her.  Diana isn't playing around now, as she FORCIBLY PULLS Christina's legs into a full spread eagle postion, tying them down.  Christina's smart mouth stops when she's fully bound and helpless, as Diana pulls out the RIDING CROP.  Having a little fun, Diana CROPS CHRISTINA'S PUSSY a little bit, before moving on to what she REALLY wants to do...force this sexy woman to cum no matter how much she tries to fight it!  Diana pulls out the hitachi vibrator, and taking a position next to the bound Christina, begins HEAVILY TEASING CHRISTINA'S PUSSY!  Christina tells Diana she won't give in, but it's not use, as Diana pushes down hard with the vibrator.  After a few minutes, Christina IS FORCED TO A HOT SCREAMING ORGASM!  But don't think Diana is done with this sexy bitch...after a little more vebral and nylon foot in her face teasing, Diana wants to see Christina cum AGAIN!  Pushing down with the hitachi, she works her magic, as Christina squirms and tries to fight the urge, but it's no use.  Christina is FORCIBLY ORGASMED A SECOND TIME in a HOT SCREAMING FASHION LIKE ONLY SHE CAN DO!  After she's humiliated Christina by forcing her to cum twice, Diana takes out the riding crop again, and CROPS CHRISTINA'S NOW SENSITIVE PUSSY.  This amazingly HOT scene ends with Diana TAPE GAGGING CHRISTINA, and straddling her body.  My scene of the week for sure, and maybe the month!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 10

 In a major Domination Battle, super dom's Christina Carter and Diana Knight have been going back-and-forth with each other, trading dominant positions, trying to torment and abuse each other into admitting the other is the best dom. At the end of the previous scene, Diana was able to use a leg scissors to knock out Christina. This scene opens with Christina Carter (wearing just sheer black pantyhose) lying on the bed with her arms tied spread, as Diana (wearing just sheer tan pantyhose) is there next to her, a big smile on her face. Because Diana is going to give this sexy bitch some payback! Diana knows ALL of Christina's weaknesses, especially how she's VERY TICKLISH, and she's going to exploit this as much as she wants, to soften up Christina before she starts forcing her to admit Diana is the number one dom! Great back-and-forth verbal throughout from the girls to each other (very sexy talk), as Diana grabs Christina's legs and feet, TICKLING them, causing Christina to wiggle and struggle violently with her. This causes Diana to grab some black tape, and she TAPES CHRISTINA'S ANKLES TOGETHER. Next Diana wants to shut this bitch up, so she TAPE GAGS Christina as well! Christina is now very helpless, as Diana goes back to HEAVILY TICKLING HER NYLON FEET, as Christina goes into hysterics! Diana even does some upperbody tickling, just to fuck with Christina, who absolutely hates it. Eventually, Diana wants to start the humiliation, so she removes Christina's tape gag, and FORCES HER TO LICK, SUCK, and WORSHIP her nylon feet! Diana makes Christina TAKE HER TOES INTO HER MOUTH, lick them, suck them, as she verbally taunts and teases Christina. Heavy Nylon Foot Worship, and a must for fans of that. Very sexy domination, as Diana completely has her way with Christina. The scene ends with Diana beginning to untie the tape around Christina's ankles as she has big plans for this foot-worshiping orgasm slut! Must have scene for all Christina Carter and Diana Knight fans, and those who want to see Christina get dominated like she deserves! You KNOW you want this scene!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 9

Okay fans - this is an ABSOLUTE MUST-BUY if you're at all a fan of these ladies and want to see something you don't normally get to see everyday. Just an amazingly hot scene, see below for all the juicy details on what is and will always remain one of my personal favorite things I've filmed. In this domination battle, Christina Carter (wearing just sheer black pantyhose!) has her rival Diana Knight (looking amazing in just sheer taupe/beige pantyhose) KNOCKED OUT and tied with her arms spread eagle on the bed, as Christina hovers over her helpless body. Christina kisses Diana's body before grabbing her face and forcibly waking her up. Christina tells Diana that she wants her awake and to enjoy it while she LICKS HER PUSSY! In an incredibly HOT scene, Christina licks Diana's pussy with her tongue, as Diana moans in forced pleasure and grunts in frustration as she's helpless to stop Christina from having her way with Diana's pussy! Christina LICKS DIANA'S PUSSY as much as she wants, and it's just amazing to watch! Eventually Christina wants to tease Diana in other ways, and realizes Diana hates to have her nylon feet worshiped, so Christina positions herself, scissoring Diana's legs as she LICKS AND SUCKS on Diana's sexy nylon feet! All Diana can do is squirm, moan, and writhe on the bed as Christina enjoys HEAVILY WORSHIPING her trapped pantyhose feet. Eventually Chrsitina wants Diana's pussy again, as she moves up in between Diana's legs. Diana squirms and moans, trying to escape, but she can't, as Christina USES HER MOUTH ON DIANA'S PUSSY again! Christina PINCHES DIANA'S NIPPLES, and HEAVILY HAND SMOTHER'S DIANA AS WELL (SEVERAL HAND SMOTHERS) while groping her breasts. Christina even TICKLES the very ticklish Diana. We fade to later, as Christina is still teasing poor Diana. This time Christina wants to shut Diana up, so she reaches for the tape, and TAPE GAGS DIANA! Now all Diana can do is moan, as Christina BEGINS RUBBING DIANA'S PUSSY IN A VERY HOT SCENE! Christina asks Diana "...does your pussy need some attention?" as Diana moans and squirms, clearly being turned on while trying to fight the urges. Christina USES HER MOUTH AGAIN ON DIANA'S PUSSY, as Diana squirms and moans in forced pleasure. Eventually Christina pulls out the riding crop and teases Diana with it, before going back between her legs for more mouth-on-pussy action. But Diana has been teased and tormented long enough, and seizes the opportunity. With Christina's head in between Diana's legs, Diana is able to get Christina in a HEADSCISSORS. Diana squeezes, and eventually Christina, after a struggle, is knocked out! Diana's REVENGE is coming next episode...but in the meantime, this is THE HOTTEST SCENE IN THE STORE RIGHT NOW, and is a MUST-BUY.

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 8

Picking up exactly where the previous scene ended, we see the usually dominant Diana Knight (wearing just sheer beige pantyhose!) face down on the bed, with her arms tied spread eagle. Christina Carter (wearing just sheer black pantyhose!) is there with her, playing with Diana's nylon feet. Christina lays down next to Diana's body, with her head at Diana's feet, as she grips them tightly for some love and torment! Christina just LOVES to tickle helpless women, and she HEAVILY TICKLES DIANA'S NYLON SOLES! Diana is super ticklish, and laughs and screams as Christina heavily tickles and teases her, all-the-while Christina VERBALLY TEASES HER. In addition to tormenting poor Diana, Christina just LOVES to worship sexy nylon feet, as she MIXES IN HEAVY NYLON FOOT WORSHIP, LICKING AND SUCKING DIANA'S PANTYHOSE FEET. Christina verbally taunts Diana throughout the torment, demanding Diana declare that she's Christina Carter's slave. Diana never gives in, which prompts Christina to spank her ass with the riding crop in addition to the tickling and foot worship! After several minutes to tormenting Diana, Christina wants to try something new, as she HAND SMOTHERS DIANA! Diana feverishly struggles, but Christina doesn't let up, and after a struggle, Diana is KNOCKED OUT! Christina begins to untie Diana's wrists, and positions her face-up on the bed so she can strap her down once more spread eagle (this time face up, as Christina has something VERY HOT in store for Diana!). We see Diana now tied arms spread eagle, face-up on the bed, still knocked out, as Christina crawls over her body, and begins AN INCREDIBLY SENSUAL AND SEXUAL SESSION WITH THE KNOCKED OUT DIANA AND HER GORGEOUS, HELPLESS BODY! Christina LICKS & SUCKS DIANA'S BREASTS, before moving down to Diana's pussy! In a very unexpected and highlight moment, CHRISTINA GOES DOWN ON DIANA, LICKING & SUCKING HER PUSSY for several minutes, while Diana remains knocked out, tied and helpless! Christina just loves to have her way with a helpless woman, and this is the ultimate way she shows it. In this domination battle, Christina is certainly coming out on top, as she's reduced Diana to her tied-up and helpless lesbian love toy that Christina can play with any way she likes! This is an incredibly RARE and amazing scene that is NOT to be missed by anyone that enjoys either of these ladies, or lesbian domination, or seeing Christina Carter tickle, tease, heavily foot worship and dominate a dom!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 7

Picking up where we left off, Christina Carter (wearing just sheer violet pantyhose) has her rival Dom Diana Knight (wearing just sheer black pantyhose) knocked out and tied face-down on the bed (wrists in leather straps spread). Diana is out cold from what Christina did to her in the previous episode, so Christina is going to now enjoy Diana's sleepy pantyhose feet! A little secret about Christina: SHE LOVES TO HEAVILY WORSHIP SEXY NYLON FEET! With Diana helpless to stop her, CHRISTINA LICKS, SUCKS, KISSES and HEAVILY WORSHIPS DIANA'S GORGEOUS SHEER BLACK PANTYHOSE FEET! Diana hates not having control, but with her knocked out, Christina LOVES the fact that she can do anything to Diana and she can't stop her. For several minutes Christina makes love to Diana's sexy feet. Very good closeup camera work, a must-have for all nylon foot worship lovers (especially with Diana, something you rarely get to see). We now fade to a little bit later, as Diana is knocked out, but now tied face-down on the opposite side of the bed, and is NOW WEARING SHEER BEIGE PANTYHOSE!

In walks Christina, now sporting a sexy pair of SHEER BLACK PANTYHOSE! Christina wastes no time waking Diana up, because she wants this bitch to know about what Christina is doing to her body! Great verbal interaction between them as Christina demands that Diana tell her that she's the best Dom, and that she loves having Christina worship her feet and body! Diana refuses, as she hates it, but Christina doesn't care, as she continues to HEAVILY WORSHIP DIANA'S TAN PANTYHOSE FEET! Diana protests and refuses to say she likes it, as she moans in anguish. Christina wants her to admit it, as she SPANKS DIANA'S ASS! Very HOT spanking, as Christina spanks Diana's ass for a couple minutes in between worshiping her feet, as Diana screams and moans in pain. Christina sits in between Diana's legs, RUBBING DIANA'S PUSSY WITH HER OWN SHEER BLACK PANTYHOSE FEET, as Diana moans in forced pleasure, as Christina tells Diana what she really would like to do to her. The scene ends with Christina licking and sucking Diana's pantyhose feet as all Diana can do is moan in protest! Super HOT scene, and a must-have for all nylon foot worship lovers (especially those who love it when the victim hates it, and is forced to endure it!), not to mention a rarity in that the victim is the usually-dominant Diana Knight!

"Dom Battles: Christina Carter vs. Diana Knight" Part 1

Hey guys - here is a new RE-RELEASE for all of you who missed this when it available in multiple formats and brought up to current standards! Here we see Christina Carter (wearing a very sexy retro purple one-piece with SHEER VIOLET PANTYHOSE & high heels) lounging on the bed, waiting for Diana Knight to arrive. Diana walks in (wearing a super sexy BLACK CATSUIT, w/ SHEER BLACK PANTYHOSE & high heels). After some brief banter back and forth, Diana is able to grab Christina from behind and CHOKE HER OUT. We now open to Christina with her hands tied spread eagle on the bed, as Diana crawls over her. Diana is in Christina's face, telling her how she's going to tell her by the end of the day that Diana is the number one dom, and that Christina is nothing but a pathetic slave. Of course, Christina being the strong-willed woman that she is, admits to nothing! Very strong dialogue between them. Diana begins by pulling down Christina's top, exposing her breasts, as she CLAWS, PINCHES & TORMENTS CHRISTINA'S BREASTS. Diana then FORCEFULLY PULLS CHRISTINA'S LEGS AND TIES THEM DOWN TO A FULL SPREAD EAGLE POSITION (great fighting from Christina who fights to not be tied down). Once Diana has Christina fully tied down and helpless, she begins to torment Christina by TICKLING HER! Diana knows all Christina's ticklish spots and exploits them! Diana FORCES CHRISTINA TO LICK, SUCK AND WORSHIP DIANA'S HIGH HEEL SHOES WHILE ON, AND THEN REMOVES THEM AND FORCES CHRISTINA TO DO THE SAME WITH HER NYLON FEET! The first episode of what was a super hot BDSM series' that is not to be missed by Christina or Diana fans. All early episodes will be getting the similar treatment, stay tuned.