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Latest Release: November 28, 2015

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"Belly Button Stalker Return" - http://www.clips4sale.com/32158/14476155

A fun little short scene that we filmed as a bonus/follow-up to the "Belly Button Stalker" - now Kobe Lee finds herself waking up HANDCUFFED in a chair.  She struggles, and POV-style, we soon see the belly button stalker make his return.  This time he POKES at her helpless belly with a pointy comb, and then uses an electric toothbrush on her!  In the end, Kobe admits that even though it was unpleasant, you may have helped clean her belly button. 


"Hollywood Sleepy Compilation" 2 - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14434207

Here is another Sleepy Compilation featuring the lovely Hollywood....this time, featuring ALL the KO's from the movie series "Bitch You're Going Down!" with Savannah and Tomiko administering the methods to Hollywood!  OVER 30 MINUTES OF SLEEPY ACTION! Hollywood is put out at least 30+ times (I stopped counting!) in this 2+ hour long series, and if you've ever just wanted all the KO's together, here is your chance.  And for my usual discounted price.  The vast majority of KO's are via CHLORO RAG, but there are also a few FOOT SMOTHERS, BELLY PUNCHING KO's, and SLEEPERS in here as well.  If you enjoy seeing Hollywood struggle and go out, you'll enjoy this classic movie series.  Watch her go out over and over (and OVER!!) again.  Hollywood in both suntan and black pantyhose. 

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