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Latest Release: October 12, 2015

Presented in a top-down fashion (i.e. brand new releases/clips go to the top, which pushes the last new-release down one space, and so on and so forth - pushing them into the various pages as well after a while).  Many of the movies below contain multiple episodes (some even with 10+ or more!), so whenever they get updated with a new episode (if applicable), they come back to the top here, and then repeat the process. Everything you see on this site was created, filmed, and produced by me and me alone. 

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"Hollywood Sleepy Compilation" 2 - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14434207

Here is another Sleepy Compilation featuring the lovely Hollywood....this time, featuring ALL the KO's from the movie series "Bitch You're Going Down!" with Savannah and Tomiko administering the methods to Hollywood!  OVER 30 MINUTES OF SLEEPY ACTION! Hollywood is put out at least 30+ times (I stopped counting!) in this 2+ hour long series, and if you've ever just wanted all the KO's together, here is your chance.  And for my usual discounted price.  The vast majority of KO's are via CHLORO RAG, but there are also a few FOOT SMOTHERS, BELLY PUNCHING KO's, and SLEEPERS in here as well.  If you enjoy seeing Hollywood struggle and go out, you'll enjoy this classic movie series.  Watch her go out over and over (and OVER!!) again.  Hollywood in both suntan and black pantyhose. 

"Dragonlily: Cat Burglar Collection" - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14345219

A fan requested a collection featuring Dragonlily as a black catsuit-wearing burglar type, so here it is!  This collection features 2 full-length movies: 1) "The Wrong House" and 2) "Roommates in Slavery."  Both feature Dragonlily in a catsuit w/ suntan nylon underneath.  In "The Wrong House," she's a cat burglar who breaks into Tomiko's house (who just so happens to be a crazy woman!), and gets herself captured and turned into a plaything.  In "Roommates in Slavery," she and Tomiko are roommates, and Dragonlily is a cat burglar trying to help pay the bills, and finds a creative way (involving sex slavery) to do it! And of course, a nice discount on the price. :)

"Hollywood Sleepy Compilation" 1 - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14290403

A new compilation volume of early scenes of Hollywood being KO'd including some Limp Play!  22-minutes of scenes from "I Dream of Hollywood" (featuring Fayth putting her out) and "Wrestling Rivals" (featuring Christina Carter putting her out).  The first 17+ mins are from "I Dream of Hollywood," and include Hollywood being put out via CHLORO RAG multiple times.  Also includes a sexy LIMP PLAY scene, as well as a SHOE REMOVAL, a CLOTHING STRIPPING (down to underwear), and a KO BONDAGE SCENE.  The last 5 mins are from "Wrestling Rivals," where Hollywood is put out via physical methods by Christina (SLEEPER HOLDS and CHOKES), and some LIMP PLAY TAUNTING at the end.  The first of many future sleepy compilations featuring my early sleepy work with Hollywood.

"Christina Carter Sleepy Compilation" 2 - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14264795

Due to the success of the first compilation released last month (along with requests for more), here is volume 2, featuring Chrsitina being put out in various ways from older series.  Includes: head scissor KO from "Jungle Womyn: Bad Detective," multiple CHLORO KO's and semi-KO's from "Jungle Christina: Sleepy Slave," several CHLORO KO's (from Savannah), a sleepy spray KO (and boot removal) from "Wonder Christina: I'll Make You A Star," and a chloro KO from "A Lover's Quarrel." 

"Tomiko Sleepy Compilation" 1 -  http://clips4sale.com/32158/14252059

Here is a collection of sleepy/KO scenes featuring Tomiko from some of my earliest movies I made (from 2007-2009).  Watch as Tomiko is put out in various ways in a dozen different scenarios (at least), including: DRUGGED DRINKS, CHLORO RAGS, CHOKING/SLEEPER HOLDS, SLEEPY SPRAY, SLEEPY MASK, PUNCHING, FOOT SMOTHERING AND MORE! Several "unreleased" scenes as well from never before seen M/F movies from my very early days in 2007.  Look for another Tomiko sleepy collection coming soon! 

 "Christina Carter Sleepy Compilation" 1 - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14191465

Due to requests, here is a fun compilation featuring Christina Carter being KO'd in over a DOZEN DIFFERENT SCENARIOS!  Featuring scenes from "Detective Carter: Searching For the Sisters," "Superheroines After Dark," "Wonder Christina: Birthday Surprise," and "A Special Purchase," watch as Christina is KO'd many different ways by Fayth.  Fayth CHLOROFORMS Christina at least a half-dozen times, makes Christina CHLORO HERSELF in one scenario, uses PANTYHOSE to SMOTHER HER SEVERAL TIMES, and more.  A really great collection for my sleepy fans who don't want to buy all the old clips and want a compilation.  NOTE: I have so much old material to pull from, expect another collection (#2) coming soon!  Visit my "Christina" page here. 

"Nikki Master's Sleepy Compilation" F/F - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14174065

Due to the popularity of the M/F sleepy compilation of Nikki Master's (Nicole Moser - see below), here is a F/F version that features Nikki being put out in various ways by another girl (namely, Kobe Lee, but also some brief play with Savannah).  The first 10 minutes features CHLORO KO's from "Jungle Woman vs. Nylon Vixen," where the Vixen (Kobe) uses Chloro to keep Jungle Woman (Nikki) helpless.  The second half of the clip features a variety of KO's from "Nylon Vixen: Infiltrated," with Nikki being put out with HOM, clothing around the neck, and sprays.  At the end, there is some brief chloro KO's of Nikki by Savannah from a spy movie. 

"Nikki Masters Sleepy Compilation" M/F - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14109853

A collection of M/F and Solo KO scenes from the following series: "Misfit Kat: Controlled," "Bikini Detective Agency: The Lair of Dr. Smith," and "Bikini Detective Agency: The Return." Includes CHLORO KO's, Sleepy Gas KO's, Pass-Out KO's, Sleepy Mask (clear/hospital-style), Sleepy Spray KO, and Injection KO.  Also a small bit of HOM (hand over mouth).  NOTE: this is ONLY the KO's...if you want the fondling and other material in the scenes, please purchase the original clips found here. 

"Monster: The Jar" - http://clips4sale.com/32158/14106277

Kendra is home one day eating lunch, and is feeling good.  She hasn't had an "incident" for a while...but the simple act of opening up a jar of pickles will trigger the monster!  A short scene so no separate page is available. 

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