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Latest Release: May 24, 2016

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"The Hands" - a horror scene w/ Kobe Lee 

Direct Link - CLICK HERE

Here is a fun stand-alone scene featuring Kobe Lee as a cute girl home alone one night, when scary things begin to happen! On a dark and lonely night at home (in her casual jeans and socks outfit), she begins to hear things, so she goes around the house to check it out (as usual in horror scenes!).  Not finding anything in various locations, the moment she walks away, we begin to see the mysterious hands of a woman begin to emerge from the walls!  They emerge from everywhere, including closets, walls, the fridge, cabinets, and more.  Always grasping at her, as if they "want" something.  Eventually Kobe explores a closet, and as she's looking in, the hands GRAB HER!  She screams and tries to escape the hands, as they grasp hold of her leg and foot, trying to pull her into the closet!  She eventually is able to escape, finding her way back to the living room.  Sitting in a chair, she tries to tell herself that it's all a dream...but the hands return from under the chair!  It begins to look like they want her SOCKED FEET!  Eventually in the kitchen, she's attacked by the hands again.  But in a twist, at the very end, she realizes that the hands don't mean her harm, but instead, just want to rub and fondle her socked feet, which she allows. 

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