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"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 8 Conclusion

Continued from the last episode.  Here is the HOT conclusion episode to this long series - does Savannah Sheer escape, or remain the sex slave lover of evil obsessed woman Fayth?  Read on and find out!  Opens with Savannah Sheer (Savannah, in sheer black nylon encasement) cradled by Fayth (in lingerie) on the bed, as she's VIBED and played with.  Fayth is completely obsessed with her, as she KISSES and fondles her, as well as VIBES her with the hitachi.  After several minutes of play, Fayth FORCES SAVANNAH SHEER TO A HOT SCREAMING ORGASM (Fayth covers her mouth to muffle her screams) as she orgasms and then teases her.  Definitely one of my personal favorite orgasm scenes.  After, Fayth gives Savannah Sheer a hypo to calm her down, before figuring out what to do with her.  It seems that Savannah Sheer is destined for a life as Fayth's sex toy, as Fayth begins TYING Savannah Sheer spread eagle to the headboard on the bed.  A really hot position, as Fayth does all the tying on screen (stopping to fondle and kiss her as well).  Once she has Savannah Sheer bound, she gives her a sleepy spray to the face to put her asleep while she goes off for a while.  Savannah Sheer moans as she goes out, with the final shot of her out hanging from her bonds.  It looks like her fate is sealed!!!  Or is it? As this series concludes...look for a brand new long 6-7 part series that ties in another Savannah Sheer story with this one, featuring Fayth reprising her role as well (and in another role), along with Savannah Sheer in her traditional suntan encasement.  Coming soon!

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 7

Continued from the last episode.  Gorgeous encased cat burglar Savannah Sheer (Savannah) remains the helpless prisoner of lesbian Fayth, a woman completely obsessed with her.  Opens with Savannah Sheer (in full black encasement) laid out on the bed, as Fayth continues to enjoy her body.  Savannah Sheer begins to come around a little too much for Fayth's liking, so Fayth gives her a hypo injection in her breast to put her back under control.  Now with Savannah Sheer back under her control, Fayth cradles her on the bed in her lap, as she KISSES and FONDLES Savannah Sheer's body.  Savannah Sheer is helpless to stop it, and can only lightly protest and moan as she's kissed, her body fondled, and Fayth verbally teases her about what's to come.  After a long fondle and play session, Savannah Sheer begins to come around some more, so Fayth gives her another hypo injection, this time in the ass.  Back under control and cradled, Fayth resumes her play.  What will happen to Savannah Sheer?  Become a lesbian slave forever or escape?  Final episode Part 8 reveals it, coming next.

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 6

Continued from the last episode.  The series continues to heat up, with encased cat burglar Savannah completely helpless and at the mercy of evil lonely lesbian Fayth.  Fayth has Savannah with her hand handcuffed above her head to the foot-post, while Fayth bites and sucks on her pussy!  Fayth takes out a two hitachi's, and while she VIBES Savannah's pussy, she vibes herself as well.  She vibes and teases Savannah until she FORCES HER TO A SCREAMING ORGASM.  But she continues to tease her after, while she vibes herself to a hot orgasm.  After she's had her pleasure, Fayth gives Savannah another hypo in the butt to keep her calm and helpless.  After toying with her briefly, Savannah tries to make an escape, so she gets a second hypo to the butt.  Now she's under complete control, as Fayth spends several minutes worshiping and playing with the helpless blonde encased thief.  A HOT episode!

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 5

Continued from the last episode.  Things continue to go bad for infamous encased thief Savannah Sheer, who finds herself handcuffed with her hands above her head to the bedpost, the plaything of the obsessed Fayth (who is completely in love with Savannah Sheer).  After luring her into a trap, Fayth was able to capture her and enslave her.  Fayth continues the torment here...but with a new, added (and VERY SEXY) twist.  Fayth worships and verbally teases Savannah Sheer, telling her she has a very HOT idea to try with her, as she briefly leaves.  We head Fayth in the background as Savannah Sheer whimpers, knowing that whatever Fayth is planning can't be good.  Fayth returns with a bowl of ICE CUBES and tongs, and proceeds to torture Savannah Sheer's encased body with ice!  All over Savannah Sheer is rubbed with ice, including her breasts, as well as ice being put against her pussy.  Savannah Sheer screams, so Fayth HOM (hand over mouth) covers her mouth while she tortures her.  After several long minutes of this torment (including using a vibrator and worshiping her body while she's doing the ice play), Fayth gives Savannah Sheer a hypo injection to relax her.  With Savannah Sheer now relaxed and helpless, Fayth uncuffs her.  Fayth now positions Savannah Sheer on the bed, handcuffing one hand above her head, tying off one leg to another bedpost, before she continues tormenting and worshiping her body.  A HOT scene within this series - more coming soon!

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 4

Continued from the last episode.  Picking up where we last left off, the sexy infamous encased cat burglar Savannah Sheer (in black encasement) was lured into a trap by obsessed lesbian Fayth, who now keeps her as a sexual prisoner in her home.  The scene opens with Savannah Sheer's escape attempt being thwarted by Fayth, who gives her another hypo injection.  With Savannah Sheer now helpless and limp, Fayth picks her up and dances around with her, playing with her limp body.  Fayth dumps Savannah Sheer on the bed, taking time to lick and suck on her pantyhose-covered pussy.  We watch as Fayth plays with her body, clearly enjoying having all the power over the sexy encased cat burglar.  Eventually, Fayth gets an idea, as she moves Savannah Sheer to the corner of the bed, wrapping her arms around a foot post, before HANDCUFFING THEM.  With Savannah Sheer now helpless and bound, we watch as Fayth continues to play with her, using the hitachi to vibe her, as well as more play.  Series continues in next episode!

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 3

Continued from the last episode.  Sexy encased cat burglar Savannah Sheer (Savannah, in all-black sheer pantyhose encasement) remains the prisoner of the obessive lesbian Fayth.  Fayth's true intentions are revealed in this scene, as she reveals how obsessive she really is toward the gorgeous cat burglar.  Opens to Savannah Sheer face down on the bed, as Fayth toys and teases her, WORSHIPING her feet.  Fayth tells her about how much she's fantisized about having Savannah Sheer as her lover, as she plays with her body.  Savannah Sheer is still under the effects of what Fayth did to her in the previous episodes, as she can only lightly protest and moan as Fayth enjoys her.  Fayth uses a hitachi on Savannah Sheer, to tease her body.  Eventually Fayth decides Savannah Sheer needs another dose of sleepy medicine, so she gives her a hypo injection in the neck.  With Savannah Sheer now even more helpless and under her control, Fayth begins more teasing with the hitachi, vibing Savannah Sheer's pussy.  Savannah Sheer is so out of it, Fayth even has her vibe herself briefly while she worships her feet.  Once again in control of the hitachi, Fayth vibes Savannah Sheer to a HOT FORCED ORGASM!  At the end, we see Savannah Sheer try to crawl away to escape, as Fayth is in the background preparing another hypo.  Several episodes remain...will Savannah Sheer escape this obsessive lesbian, or become her love slave forever?  ENCASEMENT FANS OF THIS CHARACTER: a new "Savannah Sheer' multi-episode 1-hour movie (featuring her in Suntan Encasement) will be debuting soon, in a white slavery story-line w/ Fayth, that will tie-in to this particular movie series.

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 2

Continued from the last episode.  Lonely lesbian Fayth (in lingerie w/ sheer suntan stockings) continues to worship and enjoy the helpless encased cat burglar Savannah Sheer (encased in sheer black pantyhose).  After having lured her to her home, we saw in the previous episode Fayth capture her and bring the object of her love and affection (and obsession!) to her bedroom.  It continues here, with Fayth caressing Savannah Sheer, while she remains out.  Fayth re-positions Savannah Sheer on the bed, propped up, so she can lick and worship her encased breasts.  Savannah Sheer remains out while Fayth poses her body, and then begins kissing and worhsiping her pussy.  Fayth embraces Savannah Sheer, her limp body against Fayth's, while she fondles and worships her.  The HOT worship continues, as Fayth kisses and licks/sucks Savannah's body, her ass, and breasts.  Eventually Savannah Sheer begins to wake, causing Fayth to use a hypo on her, injecting her in her pussy, with some sleepy serum.  Now Savannah Sheer will remain awake, but completely helpless and drowsy, as Fayth can continue her worship.  Fayth ragdolls Savannah around, who tries to escape but is pulled back onto the bed.  In her helpless state, she's toyed with.  Fayth gives her another hypo injection, this time in the ass.  The scene closes with Fayth on top of Savannah Sheer, telling her about what she's going to be doing to her.  To be continued!!

"Savannah Sheer: Encasement Cat Burglar" Part 1

A brand new long multi-episode series debut begins here, for the encasement/damsel lovers.  Savannah stars as Savannah Sheer, world famous encased cat burglar (encased in sheer black pantyhose).  Fayth is a lonely lesbian woman (in lingerie w/ sheer suntan stockings), lounging on her couch one day, fantasizing about Savannah Sheer, the object of her affection.  Fayth has heard that Savannah Sheer has been spotted in her area, and thinks this is her chance to finally capture and enslave the gorgeous blonde cat burglar.  Fayth goes over what she's done...leaving expensive-item boxes in her trash in front of her house, as well as making it inviting for the thief to pay her a visit.  We see Fayth unlock and leave her front door open, and then hide in a nearby room.  We don't have to wait long, as we see Savannah Sheer enter the residence.  Fayth sneaks along, watching her carefully from afar, while Savannah Sheer moves about, looking for items to take.  We see Fayth SPRAY a special spray onto her white satin gloves she's wearing, which will help in her capture.  In the bedroom, Savannah Sheer enters and looks around, and is ambushed by Fayth, who grabs her and tackles her onto the bed.  Fayth uses her gloved hands to HOM Savannah, who struggles with her, until she's captured.  Fayth then spends roughly the next 9-10 minutes of the scene FONDLING, WORSHIPING, KISSING, and playing with Savannah Sheer.  Savannah Sheer wakes up several times, only to be put back out by Fayth using her special gloved-hands.  Savannah Sheer's limp body is played with by Fayth.  The series is just getting started...MUCH more coming soon!  Also, look for another Savannah Sheer (in suntan encasement) adventure soon.