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"Shoplifter Punished"

Here is a 35-min fan custom that I shot but forgot to release, so I'm releasing it now both in the full version (here) as well as 2 HD parts (coming next).  Kobe Lee (in casual jeans outfit) and her male counterpart are store security for a major retail chain.  We open with them marching in Fayth (also in casual jeans outfit) into the break room in the back of the store.  Fayth was caught shoplifting from the store, as the store security bring her to the back room to wait for the cops to show up.  Fayth is HANDCUFFED behind her, as she's bent over a table and searched by Kobe.  It seems that Fayth was caught stealing vintage style stockings.  Instead of calling the cops on her, the kinky security guards decide to have some fun with the thief.  They're going to punish her themselves...while she's wearing the item she stole!  They force Fayth to STRIP all the way down to her panties, and she's forced to put on the vintage stockings and garters (with Kobe assisting).  Fayth is then made to lay down on the table (face up), as the security team makes preparations to bind her.  Fading to later, we see Fayth with her hands tied above her head, laid out on the table, as she's then TICKLED ALL OVER HER BODY, including her feet.  The security team bring in electric toothbrushes from the store, which Kobe then uses on Fayth to tickle her even more.  After a long period of punishment, they decide they want to flip her over.  So Kobe pulls down her shirt and BREAST SMOTHERS Fayth until she's out.  Fading to later, Fayth is now face down on the table, her hands bound in front of her.  Now she's given more punishment, as they snap a plastic utensil on her stocking soles, punishing her feet.  After much more punishment, she finally thinks they're going to let her go.  But not until they reveal that she's going to have to give sexual favors to Kobe, who begins to unbutton her pants as the scene closes.  A HOT custom that I never released, now available complete!