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The sexy series that focuses on what super heroines do when no one is looking continues, with Wonder Christina and Golden Guardian sneaking off to a seedy, out-of-the-way spot where they can show their true love for one another. Lots of sleepy/chloro games, consensual tickling/foot worship/lesbian play, and a final double forced-orgasm embrace make this one SUPER HOT movie!

August 6th, 2014 UPDATE - I had a fan ask if I could release the full series of 3 parts into a single movie, so I'm doing that tonight. Also for a special low price.  If you never got this very early movie of mine and was thinking about it, now's your chance.  Also available in 3 parts with HD (back when it was originally released), but today will see a special full version (available in WMV and MP4).

As always, the entire series is available in my Clips4Sale

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"Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian" Part 3 Conclusion

Continued from the last episode.  Here it is fans - the final episode in the "Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian" mini series with Christina Carter & Fayth!  Coming together as secret lovers, they continue to play their games with each other.  Wonder Christina (Christina Carter, wearing the costume w/ sheer suntan pantyhose) has her secret lover (and fellow heroine) Golden Guardian (Fayth, wearing the costume w/ sheer black pantyhose) tied down on the bed (arms tied spread) as she continues to tease her.  She makes GG beg her to be released, and makes her LICK her perfect nylon feet before she'll let her go.  As he starts to untie GG, GG is secretly able to grab a nearby cloth and use it to suddenly smother Wonder Christina!  Wonder Christina struggles with GG but is soon asleep.  GG now moves Wonder Christina's sleeping body into position on the bed, spreading her arms, as she ties Wonder Christina down.  GG wants to have some fun with her lover, as she TICKLES WONDER CHRISTINA'S FEET to wake her up!  GG now has some fun with Wonder Christina, TICKLING HER FEET with her mouth, as well as WORSHIPING them.  Wonder Christina is in a playful mood it seems, as she's able to use her powerful legs to trap GG in a HEADSCISSORS!  At first it's playful, but Wonder Christina uses her legs to squeeze GG until she's out!  Teasing the sleeping heroine with her feet, Wonder Christina uses her toes to TICKLE GG awake.  Back and forth between them as GG continues to try and worship Wonder Christina's sexy nylon feet, as she plays with her.  Eventually in a HOT scene, Wonder Christina traps GG in a bodyscissors, so GG is forced to use her special cloth to smother Wonder Christina.  Both struggle with each other, until they both pass out at the same time, GG laying on top of Wonder Christina.  We see both GG and Wonder Christina wake up, as GG continues to worship and play with Wonder Christina, TICKLING & WORSHIPING HER.  When Wonder Christina protests a little too much, GG uses her special cloth to put her out once more, with Wonder Christina struggling but then back asleep.  More NYLON FOOT WORSHIP while Wonder Christina is out, before she wakes up and GG breaks out the hitachi's!  GG unties Wonder Christina, as they each take a hitachi in hand, they begin to masturbate.  They intertwine their bodies/legs, as they VIBE THEMSELVES.  In a SUPER HOT SCENE, both Wonder Christina and GG FORCE THEMSELVES TO ORGASM IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME!  The series comes to an end with GG laying in Wonder Christina's arms, exhausted from their play day together as secret lovers.

"Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian" Part 2

Continued from the last episode. Continuing the "Superheroines After Dark" series w/ Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian meeting each other at a secret place so they can show their love for one another. The scene opens with Golden Guardian (Fayth) asleep on the bed, as Wonder Christina (Christina Carter) wakes up her with some tickling. The briefly wrestle on the bed, as Wonder Christina gets Golden Guardian in a body scissors. Golden Guardian tries reaching for a nearby rag, which Wonder Christina grabs first, but is quickly taken away by Golden Guardian, as she uses it to smother Wonder Christina.  She struggles but is soon knocked out, as we see Wonder Christina aleep on the bed, as Golden Guardian positions herself with Wonder Christina's sexy nylon feet. Golden Guardian begins to heavily worship Wonder Christina's sleepy feet. Wonder Christina wakes up and wrestles with Golden Guardian, but she gets Wonder Christina in a headlock/choke, and chokes her out! Wonder Christina struggles but is back asleep, as Golden Guardian goes back to heavily worshiping, licking and kissing her nylon feet. Wonder Christina doesn't stay out for long, as she wakes up and wrestles w/ her, tickling her. Wonder Christina eventually pins down Golden Guardian, and tickles her briefly, before she begins heavily worshiping her sheer black pantyhose feet. Golden Guardian lays back and enjoys it, as her heroine friend shows her some nylon foot worship love. Eventually they begin to worship each other's nylon feet, before Wonder Christina grabs the nearby cloth, smothering Golden Guardian with it.  She struggles, but is soon knocked out, as we now see her tied with her arms spread on the bed. Wonder Christina wakes her up, forcing her to worship her nylon feet, as she lays back on the bed. Wonder Christina eventually grabs for the cloth again smothering her once more, knocking her out, as we fade to Golden Guardian back asleep. Wonder Christina wakes her up again, and continues to both tickle her (upperbody tickling) as well as force her to worship her nylon feet, as the scene comes to a close.

"Wonder Christina & Golden Guardian" Part 1

Hey fans! Here is a special treat for all my superheroine & Wonder Christina fans. This was a previously unreleased 3-part mini series that I filmed for myself, but due to many fans emailing me wanting to see it, I decided to release it. It's a new installment in the "Superheroines After Dark" series, this time featuring Christina Carter & Fayth! Wonder Christina (Christina Carter in full costume w/ sheer suntan pantyhose) and Golden Guardian (Fayth, in full costume, w/ sheer black pantyhose) are the cities two heroines. Always fighting crime, with little time for anything else. But when prying eyes aren't looking, they let their kinky sides out! The scene opens with Wonder Christina and Golden Guardian entering a secluded bedroom, where no one will see them. They crawl on the bed and kiss each other, as they tease each other's bodies'. Wonder Christina removes Golden Guardian's mask, as the kiss. Golden Guardian takes the initiative, slowly and sensually removing Wonder Christina's boots, one at a time, stopping to WORSHIP, lick and kiss her gorgeous nylon feet. Wonder Christina loves having her feet worshiped, as she moans in pleasure. Not one to not join in the fun, Wonder Christina does the same to Golden Guardian, slowly and sensually removing her boots, one at a time, stopping to lick the boots, before she WORSHIPS Golden Guardian's pantyhose feet. They crawl over each other, kissing, before they begin a HOT session of heavy nylon foot worship, sucking and licking each other's nylon feet. Rubbing their nylon legs and feet together as well, as they play with each other's legs. But Wonder Christina has a freaky side, as she positions Golden Guardian in a BODY SCISSORS, and squeezing her, eventually puts Golden Guardian out! Wonder Christina, ever playful, worships the helpless Golden Guardian's body, kissing her, as well as worshiping her feet, as the scene comes to a close. Much more coming in this multi-part mini series - if you're a fan of Wonder Christina, definitely pick this up!!