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"Wonder Womyn vs. The Naughty Maid" Part 4 Conclusion

Continued from the last episode.  Here is the conclusion to the series...has this been all a dream, or actual reality for Wonder Womyn?  The Naughty Maid (Kobe Lee) just loves toying with Wonder Womyn (Hollywood) who remains helplessly out on the table, with special mask on.  She has Wonder Womyn's magic belt on, giving her extra strength to impose her will on WW.  We see the Maid tape Wonder Womyn's hands together (who remains out).  It looks like the Maid wants Wonder Womyn to have a laugh or two, as she turns up the special "Happy Gas" canister.  Wonder Womyn is forced to laugh and giggle until she's back out.  The Naughty Maid turns the gas off and removes the mask.  She enjoys worshiping Wonder Womyn's nylon feet while she rests.  When Wonder Womyn begins to wake, the Maid forces the mask back on and this time, turns the gas up to full strength.  Wonder Womyn is forced to laugh and giggle again until she goes out for the last time.  Fading to later, Wonder Womyn wakes up back in her home on the couch.  She's startled to find the Naught Maid's duster nearby. Was it a dream?  The end!

"Wonder Womyn vs. The Naughty Maid" Part 3

Continued from the last episode.  The evil naughty maid (Kobe Lee) continues to torment poor Wonder Womyn (Hollywood), who remains helplessly laid out on the table.  The Naughty Maid moves Wonder Womyn onto her back, as she climbs up on the table with her, rubbing her nylon feet onto Wonder Womyn's legs/feet.  Wonder Womyn wakes, startled, as the Naughty Maid HOM Smother's Wonder Womyn back out!  Wearing WW's belt, the Naughty Maid is in total control here.  The Naughty Maid gives WW's sexy nylon feet some brief foot worship, before WW wakes again, forcing the Maid to HOM Smother her out once more.  Being the evil mixn that she is, the Naughty Maid wants to have some fun, as she puts a clear mask on WW.  We see that she has it connected to a "happy gas" canister, which she turns on.  Wonder Womyn can only giggle and laugh, until she eventually passes out.  At the very end, we see the Naughty Maid making preparations to tape WW's hands.  The final episode is coming next...what will happen to Wonder Womyn?

"Wonder Womyn vs. The Naughty Maid" Part 2

Continued from the last episode.  The evil Naughty Maid (Kobe Lee, in maid's outfit w/ heels and black pantyhose - heels removed in the scene) continues to have gorgeous superheroine Wonder Womyn (Hollywood, in full costume and sheer suntan pantyhose) as her captured playtoy.  Having captured Wonder Womyn in the previous episode, here we see the Maid having some fun with her latest toy.  Wonder Womyn is laid out on her back on the table, asleep, as the Maid goes about kissing her perfect superheroine nylon feet.  We see Wonder Womyn beginning to wake, so the Maid uses her white gloved-hands to smother WW!  Wonder Womyn is smothered back out after a struggle.  Her nylon feet are given more worship, before she begins to stir once more.  This time the Maid uses a special item she has on Wonder Womyn, putting her out again.  She rolls Wonder Womyn onto her stomach on the table, and REMOVES WONDER WOMYN'S MAGIC BELT.  Being the naughty maid that she is, she puts the belt on her, feeling stronger.  Wonder Womyn's nylon feet are again given some foot worship love, befoe she begins to stir one last time.  This time the Naughty Maid, now more powerful from the magic belt, straddles Wonder Womyn on her back, and uses her own magic lasso to choke her.  WW struggles but is put back out as the scene comes to a close.  Only a few more episodes left in this series...can WW escape this crazy maid!?!

"Wonder Womyn vs. The Naughty Maid" Part 1

Brand New Series Debut!  Wonder Womyn (Hollywood, in full costume, sheer suntan pantyhose and boots) is seen returning to her home after a long day of fighting crime.  After dealing with creeps and weirdos all day, she needs some rest.  After making a quick phone call, we see her lay down on her couch to take a nap.  Later, Wonder Womyn is sound asleep, as we see the Naughty Maid (Kobe Lee, in full maid's outfit w/ sheer black pantyhose and heels) sneak in, standing above the helplessly-sleeping Wonder Womyn.  She begins stroking Wonder Womyn's hair, causing the superheroine to wake up.  But it's too late...the sexy villain uses her white gloved hands to HAND SMOTHER the gorgeous superheroine!  Wonder Womyn struggles with her, but is eventually put to sleep.  The maid teases her, as she grabs Wonder Womyn's arms to drag her away.  Now back at the evil lair of the Naughty Maid, we see Wonder Womyn asleep, laid out on the examination table.  The Maid comes in, teasing Wonder Womyn.  As the Maid is beginning to remove Wonder Womyn's boot, she begins to stir, causing the Maid to give her another white-gloved HAND SMOTHERING!  A struggle, but Wonder Womyn is back out.  The maid resumes REMOVING one of Wonder Womyn's boots, and begins some licking FOOT WORSHIP.  Unfortunately, she's interrupted by Wonder Womyn who is beginning to wake up.  Grabbing a nearby sleepy cloth, before Wonder Womyn knows what's going on, the Maid clamps the cloth down and smothers her.  Wonder Womyn struggles with her, but is again put to sleep.  As the Maid goes back to trying to remove Wonder Womyn's other boot, the superheroine begins to stir once more.  You just can't keep a good superheroine down...well, until you HAND SMOTHER them!  The Maid hand smothers Wonder Womyn again, how kicks and struggles, but is soon back asleep.  With her victim back asleep, the Maid is able to remove Wonder Womyn's remaining boot, leaving the heroine in just her pantyhose feet.  As Wonder Womyn begins to wake a final time, the Maid uses a hypo needle and stabs Wonder Womyn in the neck.  Wonder Womyn goes out slowly, falling asleep, as the scene closes.  LOTS more coming in this new series!